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Terri Runnels Biography

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Birth Name(s) : Terri Lynne Boatwright Date of Birth: October 5, 1966
Status:  Married Partner: David Essel
Profession: Model/Athlete
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Full Terri Runnels Biography
Terri Boatwright began her managing career in professional wrestling in the WCW in 1990 as the bespectacled, laptop-carrying Alexandra York. She was the "accountant" of Michael Wallstreet (Mike Rotunda).
Shortly after Rotunda departed for the WWF, Ms York started the York Foundation, a six-man tag team comprising of Terry Taylor, Rick Morton and Tommy Rich; who lengthened their names to Terrence Taylor, Richard Morton and Thomas Rich respectively. The York Foundation then feuded with Dustin Rhodes, Big Josh and Z Man for the six man tag-tean title, but the title was abandoned shortly thereafter.

Dustin Runnels entered the World Wrestling Federation around late 1995 as Goldust, the most bizarre and controversial athelete ever in the WWF. He dressed from head to toe in gold, wore a long blond wig and a gold robe. He entered the arena with gold dust falling from the ceiling and his own Walk of Fame stars led the path. He would shake opponents off their game plans with his "theatrics" and mind games. Towards 1996, Goldust seemed to be infatuated with then-IC champion, Razor Ramon (Scott Hall). He sent him "love letters" and seemed obsessed with him.

At the WWF Royal Rumble 1996, Goldust was set to face Razor for his Intercontinental title. Goldust came to the ring with a mysterious blond beauty by his side. Wait a minute, everyone thought. Didn't Goldust have his eyes set on Razor? Who was this glamorous woman? She was dressed in a stuuning gold dress, sat on a director's chair smoking a cigar, with an "usher" beside her.

This "mystery woman" played a big part in the match. Firstly, Goldust hid behind her several times, protecting himself from a furious Ramon. After the third time, Razor scooped her up and placed her aside so he could get to Goldust. Back in the ring some time later, Razor was resting on the ring ropes when the girl in gold took some gold dust from her purse and blew it into his face. Her final and best performance of the night came when she stepped onto the ring apron and due to the impact of what was going on in the ring, her ankle gave way and was "sprained". She fell onto the referee who tried to help her get back on her feet. As this was happening, the 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman) raced from the crowd and delivered a spinning-heel kick off the top turnbuckle onto Razor, allowing Goldust to gain the victory, as well as the Intercontinental gold.

The next night on Raw, the new Intercontinental Champion introduced the world who his "mystery woman" is. She is his personal director, and her name is... Marlena.
Additional Terri Runnels Biography
Terri Lynne Boatright Runnels (born October 5, 1966) is a former WCW and WWE professional wrestling valet, manager, TV host, and professional wrestler. She is best known for her eight year career with World Wrestling Entertainment, and as the former wife of Dustin Runnels.

Runnels was originally a make-up artist for CNN, and worked in the same studios in which episodes of WCW were taped. When WCW was purchased by Ted Turner in 1988, booker Ole Anderson invited her to become part of the roster. Terri debuted in 1990 as Miss Alexandra York, (a name Terri created at lunch one day with Tony Schiavone) an accountant who led the WCW faction known as the York Foundation. The York Foundation was a consortium of wrestlers with finance themed gimmicks, including Terrance Taylor, Richard Morton, Thomas Rich, and Michael Wallstreet. Terri carried a laptop (actually a Tandy 100 computer, which at that time had been obsolete for about six years) to ringside with which she purportedly calculated the means (and time) necessary for her clients to win matches.

Terri debuted in the World Wrestling Federation at the 1996 Royal Rumble as Marlena. Terri came up with the name and also had to petition Vince to allow her to smoke the cigars she wanted to bring to the ring. Terri loved smoking cigars in her private time and thought that would be perfect for the androgenous character that she thought of to compliment her husband's character "Goldust". Terri thought of the Marlena character one day while she was in her tanning bed. The motivation for the Marlena character was the Bob Mackie Barbie doll which looked like a Sun Goddess. The cigar-smoking manager and wife of her real-life husband Dustin Runnels, then packaged as the eccentric, cross-dressing, bisexual wrestler Goldust. Terri managed Goldust until November 3, 1997, when he revealed his new valet, Luna Vachon. Terri disappeared from TV, re-emerging in 1998 as the manager and on-screen girlfriend of Val Venis. Venis ended their relationship when Terri announced that she was pregnant with his baby.

She competed in a slightly modified Classic Survivor Series 8-Diva Tag Team Match with there only being one fall instead of elimination at the 1999 Survivor Series Pay-Per-View. She teamed up with former P.M.S. stablemate Jacqueline, Luna, and the WWF Women's Champion Ivory in a loss to The Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Tori, and Debra. Though she didn't get tagged in or even stand on the ring apron like the other participants, she got her top ripped off by Debra at the conclusion of the match.

In mid-2000, Terri became the onscreen girlfriend and manager of Perry Saturn and joined The Radicalz. The partnership lasted until Saturn, concussed by a double powerbomb delivered by The Acolytes, opted to continue seeing "Moppy" (a mop he believed was alive) when Terri told him to get rid of the mop or she would leave him. Terri then became the manager of wrestler Raven and joined The Alliance in order to enact revenge upon Saturn, a goal she achieved when Raven stole the mop and fed it into a wood chipper.

In late-2001, Terri replaced Trish Stratus as the host of the WWE recap program "Excess" after Stratus became a full-time wrestler. She briefly feuded with Stratus, resulting in a wet T-shirt contest between the two on RAW, which was interrupted by Jazz. Runnels held the role until the program was canceled and she then became a backstage interviewer. She wrestled the occasional match and has brief feuds with Molly Holly and Stacy Keibler. Terri defeated Keibler in the first ever Lingerie Pillow Fight. On May 27, 2002 she briefly held the perpetually contested Hardcore Title when she pinned a dazed Steven Richards, though he immediately pinned her to regain the title. She also began an onscreen romance with Kane which was abandoned when Kane turned heel in June 2003. Terri declined to train as a full-time wrestler, preferring to act as a manager if possible.

On April 3, 2004, Terri was granted a release from her WWE contract and parted on good terms. She has since made a number of appearances on the independent circuit. On June 5, she acted as guest ring announcer for Harley Race's World League Wrestling promotion, and prevented Johnny Gold from interfering in the main event. She resumed a managerial role on July 10, leading Brian Costello to a victory over The Barbarian at IAW: Clash at the Cove 6. On January 18, 2005 she managed the Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey) in a Steel cage match, which they lost to the Fantastics (Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton) in the Southern Championship Wrestling promotion. | title = Terri Interview | publisher = | accessdate=2007-06-14 | date = March 2005}}</ref> In May 2006, Terri stated in a news article that she had started a program called "Soccertots", a franchised program that uses fun activities to develop physical and mental skills.

Terri appeared on the show The Weakest Link in 2002. During the taping when asked by host Anne Robinson, she admitted to having fake breasts by responding, "These are as fake as my hair." Runnels also tried to repeatedly vote off Kane, citing his wrestling attire smelled bad. She said she had a "blast" doing the Weakest Link with her friends.
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