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Ed Harris

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Birth Name(s) : Edward Allen Harris Date of Birth: November 28, 1950
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Ed Harris Mini Biography
By transforming into his characters and pulling the audience in, Ed Harris has earned the reputation as one of the most talented actors of our time. Born in Tenafly, New Jersey, Harris grew up as the middle child. After graduating high school, he attended New York's Columbia University on a football scholarship. After viewing local theater productions, Harris took a sudden interest in acting. He left Columbia, headed to Oklahoma where his parents were living, and enrolled in the University of Ok...
Ed Harris Quote(s)
As soon as I went on stage, I wanted to do nothing else with my life but act. I always liked the attention that playing sports had brought, but acting fulfilled that need even better.

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a fan
"Dear Mr Ed Harris I have been a fan of all your films since I watched State of Grace. Your performance alongside Sean Penn blew me away. I think your work is amamzing. I am writing to you for your advice. The following contains some information about me. I am Rahul Kumar Bali. I live in Birmingham, England. I am 33 years old. In 2007 I was given a hypnosis. It was from George Clooney. I had a breakdown as a result. I wanted to work in film and I had a nomination. I was stalked by the people who gave me the hypnosis. My sister was r***d. I told the police. I want justice because it was a crime. I wasn’t given any money, I wasn’t given any script, I wasn’t given any keys to the hypnosis. I was brain dead for most of the time. I couldn’t think. They were reading my mind through a mind computer. My family have been through hell because of it. These same famous people kidnapped me on an earlier date but I don’t know the details. I was told Sean Penn was there. They wanted to use me to be in a club however the game changed. Who should I turn to? I wasn’t given any money. I had not keys and I had no script. I have being going it alone for the last three or four years. I haven’t met anyone famous yet. I was told that I could act. What do you think I should do? Natalie Portman is an IPR, she is a p********* because she had my baby. She r***d my sister. It was IPR (part of an International Prostitution Ring) there were others. Sean Penn has won two Oscars for Best Actor I know it’s write. I want to be a screenwriter for tv. I was given ten years to write. My community have also been involved in the IPR. My community had my children. They were relatives of my family. It makes me sick. I need protection from the death threats they sent me. I was robbed. Kate Winslet robbed me. That’s why it’s ten Best Pictures. I was told that there are other famous people who been through the same thing as me. Such as George Clooney, Paul Greengrass, Paul Haggis, Ricky Gervais, Matt Dillon, Brian Grazer, Ridley Scott and Tony Gilroy. Hi. I am Rahul Bali. I am thirty two years old. I am black British. I am the son of Punjabi immigrant parents. My mother and father are from India. My father migrated to Britain to work here, he was a teenager. I am from a working class family. My parents are political due to their support for Dr. Ambedkar and the Dalit liberation movement. They both converted to Buddhism when they married. I am the only son, I have two sisters. We grew up in Birmingham, UK. I was educated at a school in Birmingham, and I went on to study at college and university. My mother and father raised me and my sisters as Buddhists, with a firm atheist belief. They always stressed the importance of education and as a child I wanted to be a solicitor. In those early years they helped found an Ambedkar Buddhist organisation in Birmingham. My father worked as a welder in a foundry. As children we lived in a terraced house in Winson Green Birmingham. It was close to a prison and a psychiatric hospital. It was an area of high crime. At school I was always in fights even with the teachers. I had a bad reputation. However I performed well in exams putting me in second place in my class. After school I’d play on the streets with my cousins, we’d play football, cricket, tennis, and other ball games. I was also in the school cricket team. As a child I fell ill and became an asthmatic due to the dampness in the house. At the time my grand-dad who lived with us, smoked forty b&h a day. He was old and retired from work. He’d spend time between Birmingham and India. My granddad was a religious devotee of Hinduism and regularly visited the Guru Ravidass temple in Handsworth. In India his working days were spent making shoes out of leather. He was an untouchable. His father too had the same occupation. When I was ten years old my family moved house to a nearby suburb. I had to change school. I had a great time making friends and playing football with them. For the next five years I was a student at a local comprehensive school. I didn’t pass my 11 plus, but it didn’t matter. At school I got into a lot of fights and I was bullied a lot. Eventually I got a reputation that gave me my freedom. I did well at school and performed well at exams. My favourite hobby both in and out of school was football. Whenever there was a game I had to join in. The other boys smoked and drank but I was never interested in that. At school I was competitive and I loved sports. I have never been rich and I have never experienced affluence through money and wealth. My father and mother have been solidly working class throughout their lives. My final grades were good and I passed my exams. I made many friends at school. During the weekends I worked in my father’s newsagents. The shop was on Soho Road in Handsworth. Both my mother and father ran the shop seven days a week. It was hard work. I chose to study at the same college where my friends had decided to go to. I chose to study history, sociology and maths. Studying maths was a mistake because it didn’t fit in anywhere. At college I experienced loneliness and boredom and I was fiercely individualistic. With three passes for my grades I decided to study a bachelors degree in history and sociology. I was really attracted to Swansea because I was told their history department was in the top ten in the country. It was very far to go to study but I took up the offer to go there. My father and uncle dropped me off at a teacher’s house where I was to be a lodger. I met two other students there who also enrolled on the history course. Just a few weeks later into the first term at Swansea I had joined SWSS and I was selling Socialist Worker outside the student’s union with other activists. As an undergraduate I passed much of my time attending meetings and demonstrations on and off campus. I was a student activist and I spoke out about cuts in education and injustice. I was heavily involved in the Anti-Nazi League and in Wales we had great support for the organization. I became a great reader and spent my spare time in the library reading such topics as the American civil rights movement and ‘Race’. I led talks on political issues and spoke at student union meetings. To some extent I ignored my studies as political activism was more exciting. I did get a reputation on campus for being a troublemaker but no-one got hurt in the process. Every Saturday I was out selling Socialist Worker in Swansea city centre. As an activist I got into many arguments with people over various issues which raised the level of politics discussed. I had to be sharp to talk people into joining the SWP. On campus I had many friends. We would meet every lunch time in the refectory and talked politics until lectures. They were a mix of people black and white. During the weekends I would enjoy going to pubs and clubs with them. I developed a great taste for music and shared cd’s with my musician friends. As an activist I was always busy. I organised paper sales and meetings. Despite all the organising the group remained small and wasn’t as big as I liked or wanted. My final year at Swansea was marred by illness. I was very sick towards the start of my exams. I couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom. In 1998 the SWP r***d me at a student conference. I found out later on. However I got well enough to have some weeks revision. I was finally awarded a 2.2 with honours for my undergraduate degree in history and sociology. I never did go back not even to meet my old friends. To date I still haven’t completed a master’s degree. I found out later when I was a much stronger person that I was r***d. After finishing my last term at university I returned home and lived in Birmingham with my parents. I really wanted to study a postgraduate and found a course in London at a university that accepted me for a sociology masters degree. However, I was too short of money. I fell ill and f***ed up my life. I became isolated and alienated myself from my family and the people I knew. I became a real f***ing bastard to my family. I was a wanker and showed no love for those who cared about me. I stayed that way for a year until I found a job as an office administrator. I got my life together and had some money to spend. I was still an active member of the SWP in Birmingham. I sold Socialist Worker every Saturday in the middle of Birmingham city centre. I joined the antiwar movement when the United States of America and Britain bombed Kosovo in 1999. After working for one year as an administrator I was made redundant. I wanted to work and I found another job in a call centre. I left the job after a few weeks because I wanted to be a full time activist. I spent the next six months looking for that dream job with a copy of Socialist Worker in my pocket. All the time my family was poor because my father’s shop failed and he fell ill. He soon found work at a factory. He worked while he was sick. My mother too found work in a factory. Without them working we would have lost the house. In 2000 I kept getting into trouble with the police and I was arrested several times. At the time I had enrolled on a law course at UCE in Birmingham. I was given a hypnosis which gave me a breakdown. I wanted to be someone and thought my dreams would be answered. I was sectioned to a psychiatric hospital in April 2001. I spent one month inside a hospital. It was shameful and changed my life. It slowed me down as I took medication. Three months later I found work as a Sales Assistant at a local store. I picked up football as a hobby and trained with a local Asian football team every week. A year into my job I applied for a teacher training programme at Birmingham University. I was offered a place on the course. It really lifted my spirits and gave me hope. However I was asked to leave the course because I hadn’t declared my criminal convictions. I had to leave despite the blame being on them for hypnotising me during the initial interview. I returned to UCE to study the law masters I had previously studied but had left due to illness. The professor of criminology at UCE r***d my sister. His name is David Wilson. Before the start of my course I was r***d in my home by Tim Roth and David Wilson. Although, I don’t remember it. I was in a small class of students. The teaching was awful. What did I expect from a third-rate university? My ambition as a student was modest, I wanted a masters to be a research assistant in the university’s social sciences department. I applied for every job going but I was never chosen to work for the university. All the time the lecturers had known I had a nomination from Sean Penn the famous Hollywood film actor. In the second half of the taught course I fell ill. In March 2005 I left the course. I found it impossible to write my final thesis because I was given a hypnosis and told to see a GP when I asked a tutor for help. I didn’t have the keys. I was told to see David Wilson but I could never find him. He is responsible for raping my sister. I had a breakdown and my community hypnotised me at a party. They made me start a fight and scuffle broke out I don’t remember anything. My family became concerned about me and told the clinic psychiatrist I was behaving strangely and I had to be sectioned under the mental health act. I spent ten days in a psychiatric hospital in May 2005. Since then I was given an hypnosis. It was from Sean Penn. I was told I could be a film-maker, actor, writer. I was also told that Natalie Portman had a baby and that I was the father. They also told me that she had an incestuous baby with her father. It’s something that my family doesn’t practice. They asked if I was interested in her and if I wanted a relationship with her. I said no. I declined vocally each time they asked. Steven Spielberg was in the hypnosis. They were responsible for making some members of my relatives hare krishna. I am a Buddhist not a hindu hare krishna. Hindus f*** their sisters and then marry them. f*** that. I have a story of injustice done to me. We were r***d in our own house. My sister was r***d at her house and in her workplace. My community turned a blind eye to these events some even tried the same. I was robbed by Kate Winslet. I was told by George Clooney that I was in the Paul Haggis Best Picture ‘Crash’, Tony Gilroy’s ‘Michael Clayton’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. As a result I have three nominations. I was told earlier on by George Clooney that if I wanted to Act I could go to BCU (Birmingham City University) – the university I studied at. Otherwise it’s write. I was told by George Clooney that I would get closure. I was asked what I wanted to be. I replied to them that I’d like to be a screenwriter for tv. Yours truly Rahul Bali"
Comment by Rahul Bali
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